The Complete Second Dupatta Inspiration Guide!

Yep, the double dupatta is something that makes a bride look regal and can really help you in adding something much-needed to your bridal look!

Here we have narrowed down double dupatta options on real brides with some of the most popular lehenga colours which can really help you visualise your own lehenga and make a decision!

So we have divided this article into the following lehenga categories:

  • Red
  • Fuchsia/ Hot Pink/ Bright Pink
  • Pastel
  • Maroon
  • Ivory/ Gold/ Beige
  • Orange

So go ahead and see a reference guide for double dupattas as per your bridal lehenga!

Red Lehenga

If a red lehenga is your choice, then a double dupatta is a great idea, especially if you’re looking to be a contemporary bride in red. Not just the usual, here are some fresh new double dupatta options for you to consider with your red bridal lehenga.

  • Both red dupattas in the same shade

Image via The Wedding Conteurs

So this bride picked both exact same dupattas with her Sabyasachi Lehenga, and it does look amazing if you want to opt for a monotone look.

  • Red dupatta with an orange dupatta

Image via Lavanya & Anant

This bride added some colour to her red lehenga with a brighter, more orange shade for the second dupatta that went on her head, and it breaks the monotony in a very subtle way.

  • Red dupatta with a white dupatta

Image via @dilliwaleweddings_photography

This bride went lighter instead of brighter and picked a sheer white dupatta for her head which matched with the work on the lehenga and her groom, and kept the dupatta on the chest the same shade of red as the lehenga.

  • Red dupatta with a light pink dupatta

Image via Sumedha and Tanay

Red and pink is also an amazing combination to consider, especially if you have a summer wedding.

  • Red dupatta with a dark green dupatta

Image via Our Wedding Chapter

This bride picked a dark green velvet dupatta as a second one to drape over the elbows and a red one for her head.

  • Light green and dark green dupatta

Image via Shruti and Yashaswini Bridal Makeup

This one is also such an amazing option. She picked two dupattas in different colors – a dark green one for the chest and a light green one for her head.

  • Red and white dupatta with light green dupatta

Image via Gautam Khullar Photography

This bride had 2 similar dupattas made for her double dupattas- one with gold/green embroidery for the head and another one with red embroidery for the chest- brought her whole look together so beautifully!

  • Red with a turquoise dupatta

Image via The Creative Lens

This bride added a pop of colour to her red lehenga with a turquoise dupatta in Banarasi, which became the highlight of her look and made her stand out as a bride!

  • Both beige dupattas

Image via Priyanka and Neal

With her red dupatta, this bride had a sheer beige/light pink dupatta for the head, as well as a draped across her chest, which added another colour to her red lehenga.

  • Red dupatta with a peach dupatta

Image via Allied

This bride had a red one for her head and a peach one for her chest, which makes her red lehenga nice and summery adding a pastel hue to the look.

  • Red dupatta with a floral dupatta

Image via Bhumika Sharma Official

Now this was one unique bridal look! This bride went all out and added a fresh floral dupatta to her red Zardozi work lehenga, which makes her whole look pop in a different way!

Fuchsia/ Hot Pink/ Bright Pink Lehenga

So what are your double dupatta options with a hot pink or fuchsia lehenga? A lot many let’s tell you! Here are some of our fave ones with references!

  • Both fuchsia dupattas

Image via Kavneet & Harpeet

This bride picked the same dupatta for the head and her chest, and it’s a nice look if you want to be a traditional bride, and don’t want to add any more colour to your look.

  • Both contrasting mint green dupattas

Image via Harman & Rajas

This bride kept her look fresh and exciting with a mint green dupatta for the head and for the chest as well, with the pink border matching the lehenga on both tying the whole look together.

  • Bright pink dupatta with mint green dupatta

Image via Gauri and Anshuman’s Wedding

This bride had a matching fuchsia dupatta to the lehenga on her head and a fresh mint green one for her chest, which broke the monotony and added a refreshing twist to her look.

  • Bright pink dupatta with red dupatta

Image via Vineeth Shetty Photos & Films

While the difference might look very subtle in this one, this bride had a matching fuchsia dupatta on her chest, and a red one for her head, which adds some very subtle colour to her look.

  • Bright pink dupatta with yellow dupatta

Image via Jessica & Ishank

Talk about nailing the summer bridal look! This bride added freshness and a pop of colour to her bridal look with a yellow dupatta on her shoulder to go with her bright pink one on the head!

  • Bright pink dupatta with a leheriya dupatta

Image via Neha & Eshaan

While this bride had only one dupatta with her lehenga, this is to show that you can add very subtle drama to your look with a leheriya dupatta as well, and keep a fuchsia one on the head with this.

  • Benarasi pink dupatta with a pastel green dupatta

Image via Lilac Weddings

Another fresh, summery look for a bride with a hot pink lehenga. A pretty Banarasi one in pink draped across the chest, and a light, pastel green one for the head!

  • Fuchsia pink dupatta with baby blue dupatta

Image via Anita Dongre

So pretty and fresh! This bride added a baby blue dupatta to her pink lehenga, and kept the one on her head the same shade as the lehenga.

  • Hot pink dupatta with peach dupatta

Image via Photo Paparazzo

This bride added some subtle colour to her look with a similar shade dupatta on the head as her lehenga and a lighter, more pastel version across the chest.

  • Bright pink with light pink dupattas

Image via Aanchal & Rahul

This bride added a pop of colour with her blouse, but kept both her dupattas in the pink family- a brighter one on the head and a lighter one across the shoulders.

  • Both light pink dupattas

Image via FrozenVibes by Nikhil

Keeping both the dupatta on the head and the chest the same, but both in lighter shades to the lehenga- this also works well!

Pastel Lehenga

Now lets get down to pastels- while we do know that pastels encompass a lot of different shades, here are some ideas that can be mixed and matched with just about any pastel lehenga!

  • Both same colour dupattas matching the lehenga

Image via anamikakhannabridal

One of the most popular options is to pick both dupattas in the same shade matching the lehenga!

  • Same colour, different shade of dupattas

Image via Komal & Rachit

A variation on the one above would be this new idea- wearing pink dupattas only, but in a different hue completely- this bride picked millennial pink to go with her light pink lehenga.

  • Pastel dupatta with white dupatta

Image via Red Veds

White is always a good colour to pick as a second dupatta with your pastel lehenga! This bride wore a peachish-white bridal lehenga, and had a peach and a white lehenga elevating her bridal look!

  • Both moss green dupattas matching the embroidery on lehenga

Image via Anita Dongre

This bride matched her pastel double dupattas to the colours on her lehenga embroidery- which was a pretty shade of moss green! We love this unique new drape too! Like a cape across the shoulder instead of on the head. Light pink dupatta with ombre dupatta

Image via House Of Beauty By Sahil Malhotra

An ombre dupatta adds a pretty touch too! Looks nice if the second dupatta is kept matching to the lehenga.

  • Pastel dupatta with floral dupatta

Image via surbhijyoti

This is one new trend we have been loving, and can be worked with just about any pastel Lehenga.

  • Pastel dupatta with contrasting border and hot pink dupatta

Image via Aashna and Sudhanshu

Matching pastels with bright colours like hot pink is also a good idea if you want the best of both worlds!

  • Pastel dupatta with light pink dupatta

Image via Weddings by Cinewire

Light pink is a universal shade that goes with most pastel shades, and a second dupatta in that colour looks very flattering!

  • Light pink dupatta with maroon dupatta

Image via Rabia Makeup Artist

Introducing a bold colour like maroon is also a good idea if you want your bridal lehenga to look more traditional, but not so much.

  • Pastel dupatta with brighter shade dupatta in the same family

Image via Picsurely

This bride wore a pastel peach lehenga and added a second dupatta on her head in a bright peach which became the highlight of her look.

Maroon Lehenga

  • Maroon dupatta with dark green dupatta

Image via Memorabilis

Maroon is a shade that looks nice and pairs well with jewel tones. This bride paired her maroon lehenga with a dark green Banarasi dupatta, and we think it looks fabulous, especially for a winter wedding!

  • Maroon dupatta with grey dupatta

Image via Anita Dongre

Also such a fresh new combination when you want to introduce a subtle pop of colour and break the richness of the maroon!

  • Peach dupatta

Image via Gautam Khullar Photography

Also a good idea for a subtle pop of colour- this bride got a second dupatta made in a pastel shade, and kept the one on her head sheer, which was a great way to wear maroon during summers without it looking too intense.

  • Maroon dupatta with white dupatta

Image via PK Suri Worldwide Studios

If you don’t want a pastel colour, then white is also a great option!

  • Maroon dupatta with velvet dupatta

Image via Picberry by Gaurav Sethi

More suitable for winter weddings, this one is when you want to go for a heavy bridal look. A velvet dupatta as a second one draped across the chest and a lighter one on the head.

  • Maroon velvet dupatta with light pink dupatta

Image via Akshay & Krutika

Again, summery and pretty to break the heaviness of the bridal maroon shade in velvet.

Ivory/ Gold/ Beige Lehenga

When it comes to neutral bridal lehenga shades, then gold and beige have been around for a while, and the new popular entrant in this category is ivory, which more and more brides are opting for these days! So here are the second dupatta options you can consider with these coloured lehengas.

  • One sheer white and the other with a contrasting border same as lehenga

Image via Sarvottema and Akash

This bride let borders do the talking when it came to her bridal dupattas- one with a floral border on the head matching the work on the lehenga, and the other matching the border of the lehenga draped across the chest.

  • One white and gold and one contrasting Banarasi dupatta

Image via Through the Barrel

So subtle, and so pretty- love how the bold green adds character to the bride’s ensemble, and the other dupatta is not on the head, but both draped differently.

  • Both matching contrasting dupattas

Image via Rhea and Dishant

This bride picked beige dupattas for the head and draped across the chest, which brought the whole outfit together.


  • White sheer dupatta with light pink dupatta

Image via Shashank Issar Photography

One dupatta which was matching the dupatta, and the second one was a light pink one which she wore like a veil!

  • White dupatta with a light orange dupatta

Image via Pretty Real with Kashni

This bride’s white lehenga had two dupattas- a white one draped across the chest and an orange one on the head, which added the colour to her outfit.

  • Contrasting inner border for a pop of colour

Image via Ritu & Aditya

This is also such a fabulous idea! Just a teeny pop of colour with the inner border of the dupatta instead of the whole thing!

Orange Lehenga

Orange lehengas, while not the most popular choice for bridal lehengas, is gaining a lot of popularity off late, and in so many unique shades too! We’ve picked out a few choices you could have for a second dupatta with your orange lehenga, and here you can see references too!

  • Both dupattas matching the lehenga shade- one sheer

Image via Prajakta & Suraj

Two dupattas of the exact same shade as the lehenga, but one sheer- a very very safe and pretty choice!

  • Orange dupatta with sheer white dupatta

Image via Infinite Memories★ 4.7

If you don’t want too much orange around, then this is a good option- adding a white dupatta to the mix!

  • Light orange dupatta with a bright orange dupatta

Image via Fotowalle – The Story Folks★ 4.9

The orange added such a bright pop of colour to her gold lehenga for a lot more character to her otherwise subtle lehenga!

  • One matching dupatta to lehenga and one plain orange

Image via Meher & Gursimran

One had a border matching the work on the dupatta, and the second was a bright orange one on the head, which added so much contrast. Plus, don’t miss the leheriya border on it.

  • Both contrasting peach dupattas to the lehenga

Image via Rashi Sehgal Official

Orange and peach makes for a bright and happy combination too!


Phew, that’s a lot of options now, isn’t it? So go ahead and try something that suits your style more!