The Perfect Wedding Song Sung by Aparshakti Khurana!

What do Punjabi weddings remind you of?

Watching aunties playing the dholak, lots of singing, with chirpy laughter ringing from one corner of the house, and mindless banter of all of the bride’s sisters from the other.  And I always think of a group of guys, following a group of girls- flirting, teasing, dancing together! 

Well, there’s a new song in town and don’t blame us if it instantly takes you back to a Punjabi shaadi ka ghar and leave you feelin’ good!

Kudiye Ni is Aparshakti Khurana’s debut song, starring this cute ,dimpled lad with Sargun Mehta! And boy, like his brother, this man can sing too! Not that we mind! 😛

There’s a certain sweetness about this song that will instantly have you humming alongside. And don’t blame us if you find yourself tapping your feet with those peppy beats of the dholak! Penned down and sung by Aparshakti and Neeti Mohan, Kudiye Ni is the perfect recipe for a mehendi or sangeet song for 2019 weddings: WMG Approves!

But wait a second. Can we also take a break from all that fangirling to acknowledge just how gorgeous this duo looks in the video!
Sargun sports a dainty lehenga in hues of lavender and pink with white, floral clips on her beachy waves, while Aparshakti is seen rocking that perfect beige kurta with a striped jacket in refreshing, pastel shades! Now, anyone looking for that perfect summer wedding inspiration here? You’ve landed at the right place, my friend!

Give Kudiye Ni a listen and tell us what you think?