Latest Bridal (dulhan) mehndi designs guide for 2019

BY admin / IN wedding / ON May 27, 2019

Latest Bridal (dulhan) mehndi designs guide for 2019

Every bride wants to look different and is always ready to try something new to look unique.

Shaded mehendi design is the latest trend that you’ve got to try to make sure your bridal mehendi looks amazing!

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Design Lovers

Shaded mehendi design is the latest trend and has been steadily gaining popularity over a period of time. One of the distinct features of the shaded mehendi design is that the artist uses  colours in different shades to create the illusion of depth and shadow in the artwork. This creates a wonderful visual effect, transforming a classic design into a bona fide piece of art! Ensuring that the mehendi dries into specific shades of colour takes tremendous talent because once the henna is applied, the final result is officially out of the hands of the artist. Thus, the artist ensures that these effects take place while applying the design and mixing the paste.

Like other types of mehendi designs, a shaded mehendi design comes in many forms and can be applied anywhere – the hands, feet and arms. You can find variants in the traditional design styles as well as newer styles like simple Arabic designs, contemporary patterns, and more. Furthermore, you can also get these designs applied in a variety of colours like black, white, and the traditional brown. The shading then occurs in variants of these colours, however, it is the most effective with black and brown. White mehndi lends itself better to traditional 2D designs!

With your Mehendi ceremony approaching, you should definitely give some thought to having a shaded mehendi design applied. They look absolutely wonderful and can add a lot of value to your overall bridal look. If you’re not sure what these designs look like, don’t worry! Keep reading on and scroll through our gallery of amazing designs that all incorporate the shaded effect! Make note of the ones you like and speak to your mehndi artist about the same days in advance so that she can prepare!

1. This mandala design with light shading

Image Courtesy: Mehendi Art

With a prominent mandala right in the middle of the palm, the mehendi artist has used light brown lines to create the jaali effect around it. This effect is supplemented by the black dots that, thanks to the shaded mehendi design, look raised against the palm. This does a great job of creating that illusion of depth we were talking about! You can also see bits of shading on the wrist as well and around the mandala itself.

2. This shaded peacock design

Image Courtesy: Mehendi Art

With a larger amount of lighter shades concentrated at the palm and the darker shades used at the fingers, this design does a great job of drawing the eye right to the middle of the palm. Notice how the peacock’s tail (at the wrist) is made with light shades, and the feather design is created with darker shades. This is a great design for brides!

3. This intricate bridal design

Image Courtesy: Mehendi Design Lovers

Speaking of designs that are great for brides, here’s an intricate shaded mehendi design that any bride would be proud to wear. With different levels of shading, super dark, light, medium, all in one design, this is a great example of shaded mehendi at its finest. Note how miniscule the lines are at the lightest points and you’ll find yourself marveling at how talented some people can be!

This full hand design has peacock motifs as well as a floral component and is ideal for women who want that classic bridal look. We love how the first digits of the fingers have been left bare. The little bit of clean skin only serves to highlight how intricate and wonderful this mehendi design is.

4. This floral palm with shading

Image Courtesy: Mehendi By Hayat

This is a design that uses minimal shading. Most of the design has dark colours to create the outlines of different motifs while the little details within them, such as the petals of the flowers, is where the shaded mehendi design comes into play. You can also see a little bit of shading on the fingers as well. The completely coloured portions of the fingers will also add to the shaded look once the whole thing dries and falls off. This is a great design for guests as they do not normally have a ton of mehendi on their hands!

5. Shaded mehendi design on the feet!

Image Courtesy: Mehendi Art

Did you think we forgot about the feet? Here’s an example of how one can use shaded mehendi design on the feet as well. Here, the artist has concentrated most of the shading around the ankles, creating a very pretty effect. You can also see the shading on the toes, which further accentuates the jaali design on the feet even more.

With these different designs, your bridal mehendi will look amazing. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with the shading though, as it might become one big mess!

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