Its All About The Hashtags !

Unless you’re having a completely unplugged wedding, we’re guessing you started brainstorming the best wedding hashtag ideas for you and your future spouse shortly after getting engaged. We don’t blame you—coming up with a creative wedding hashtag is one of the first fun things you get to do when you start planning. But if you’re stumped trying to come up with wedding hashtag ideas, first check out the best wedding hashtags out there for inspiration.


The Top 3 Romantic Wedding Hashtags

Romantic wedding hashtags have the guests swooning over how cute the both of you are. They encapsulate how you feel, and set the tone for a fairy-tale sort of wedding.

1. #KuchKuchSahotaHai

This lovely hashtag plays off of the popular Hindi film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – a Bollywood classic.

Incorporating the groom’s last name and linking it to the romance movie, immediately made the hashtag both personalized and sweet.

2. #AboutUS2015

Using the couple’s initials, they chose the intimate and simple hashtag, #AboutUS2015.

Not only did including the year make it unique (and therefore easily searchable though social), but it branded the entirety of the year about their union and a grand declaration of their love.

3. #MossBeLove

Incorporating the groom and the bride’s future last name, this play off the common phrase, must be love, is playful, delicate and cute.

Top 3 Funny Wedding Hashtags

Funny wedding hashtags highlight the couple’s sense of humour and make guests included in a sort of inside joke.

Let’s go over a few of the best:

1. #YouHadMeAtMahil

This witty hashtag alludes to the bride being attracted to the groom as soon as she heard his last name. What’s even better, is that the bride was a long-time employee of the groom’s family- making this wedding hashtag one that’s relevant to their love story as well as charming.

2. #SONIyeBALIye

Combining both of their first names into this quirky little hashtag, the couple managed to combine some light humor and a common Punjabi phrase.

3. #TwoWongsMakeARight

If this isn’t punny, we don’t know what is. Once again, the magic here is the combination of something personal (their last names) and a phrase that they’ve remixed in an amusing way.

Top 3 Personal Wedding Hashtags

So, by now you know that the #1 thing that makes a wedding hashtag a successful is how well it captures the couple.

Here are 3 wedding hashtags that make it personal:

1. #MrandMrsInk

This hashtag is so well done, because of its simplicity. The couple (Inkquisitive and Mundheep) paid ode to Inkquisitive’s massive brand in which they both play a big part.

By choosing ‘Ink’ instead of either one of their last names, they picked something they’re both well-known for.

2. #ForeverYounge

#ForeverYounge is an adorable and very personal hashtag because it works on two levels. The first is it uses their future family name, and the second is that it is also their selected first-dance song.

No doubt, guests will enjoy the thoughtfulness behind it.

3. #MajesticallyEverAfter

And finally, our third entry makes the list for a few reasons. The first is that both the bride and groom have Disney-like names, so they opted for a fairy tale inspired wedding hashtag.

The second, is that the wedding was a destination wedding at the Majestic Resorts chain. Together, the double meaning comes together perfectly.

That’s a wrap!

We hope you found the wedding hashtag inspiration you were looking for. We’re looking forward to what you come up with!