Games for Couples & Guests to Play at Indian Weddings

Be it an intimate ceremony with lesser guests or big fat celebrations with loads of numbers, there are innumerable trending Indian wedding games that are a rage. Right from the haldi or mehndi ceremonies, the pool parties and sun downers to even sangeet and after parties, there ain’t no ceremony where you can’t incorporate a peppy and exciting wedding game for your guests.

Wedding games, in fact, are the perfect icebreakers amidst all the guests and the couple along with making sure that the entertainment and merriment of the wedding celebrations don’t dwindle down. Not to forget how they keep the kids engrossed in all the fun too!

Indian Wedding Games for Couples & Guests

1. Who is most likely to

This wedding game is going to be one entertainer for all your guests. Simply have the guests equipped with paddle boards with the groom’s and bride’s face on a side each and ask them questions regarding the couple. Let the guests take guesses and play along. This is the latest Indian wedding game that’s taking over the wedding scenes. You can have a list of funny and relatable questions and statements that the guests would take a guess at.

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2. Saree tying competition

For that uncontrollable laughter riot, a sari tying competition between the men from both the bride and groom side would undoubtedly make for a kick ass and funny Indian wedding game to incorporate in your soirees. Now obviously, seeing all ‘dem men trying so hard to tie a sari is undoubtedly going to have everybody rolling on the floor laughing, literally.

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3. Giant Jenga

One of the most popular Indian wedding games, this addictive block game is a must have as it’s sure to give your guests a hearty joyous time. Have small ones on the tables or the gigantic ones in the lawns for some added “Gaming mode: ON” feels. Lawn Jenga has been an in-thing in wedding scenes for quite a while now and we don’t see it ending anytime soon. You can also have the couple’s names or their hashtags engraved onto the blocks.

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4. Trampoline

Having a trampoline is an edgy way to add fun to your ceremonies. Also, it’s going to keep the kids happy and busy because we all know how kids just love trampolines. And well, the biggies too! Don’t believe us?


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5. Giant snakes and ladders

Now, who hasn’t ever loved this iconic Indian game, right? Gone are the days when you played this game on small boards. Have a huge snakes and ladders board spread on the floor and let people play. Roll that huge dice and let people take their turns walking ahead, climbing the ladders or bitten by a snake. And imagine how much the kids at your wedding are going to enjoy playing this life-size game!

Source House On The Clouds

6. Giant Twister

This fun game makes up one of the top Indian wedding games that people love playing. Having an over sized one spread across the lawn and then playing would definitely make up for a fun activity for all the guests. If you do not plan on playing this game with the signboard then you can even play it with music. Whenever the music stops and the emcee (referee) calls out the colour along with the hand or feet everyone does just that! The rules are still going to be the same but, the music is really going to add an edgy vibe to the game.

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7. Beer pong

The game of beer pong is a highly incorporated one at weddings these days. From pool parties and beach parties to sundowners and after parties, beer pong is the most famous and a must have at your wedding soirees. It’s one of those hyped drinking games that’s somehow become an essential element of any wedding.

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8. Pop the balloon

We’re sure everybody is aware of this famous ‘mela’ game that we’ve all played back in our childhood. Have a ‘pop the balloon’ stall at your wedding space and even keep gifts for the winners. Let the guests pop the balloons with those darts or guns and win themselves gifts. Another variation of this game is the classic can toss game. For that matter, why not have both of them?

9. Shoe game

This highly popular Indian wedding game is super fun and adorable to play. While the bride and groom play this, it’s equal joyous and a laughter riot for everybody watching them play it. In this game, the couple sits back-to-back holding their shoe in one hand and their partner’s shoe in the other. They are then asked questions and statements related to them and their relationship to which the couple has to reply to raising the shoe for who matches those statements the most. Don’t forget to include some ‘spilling the beans’ kind questions to get the game exciting and as much fun as possible. If not with the shoes, the couple can also play with placards of their faces and use them for answering.

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10. Cricket match

A game of cricket between the groom side and bride side is a super fun idea to have your guests enjoy the wedding a bit more. It’s becoming a huge trend of late and so much so that even PeeCee & Nick Jonas were seeing playing this game on their mehndi ceremony along with their friends and families. In fact, you can host an entire cricket match brunch ceremony complete with personalized squad wise favours like caps, sunnies or even tees.

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Shot by Dhanika Choksi Photography, Delhi

11. Limbo

This classic dance game is the perfect Indian wedding game for reception or sangeet night. Also somehow, it’s more fun after people are a few drinks down!

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12. Stand up & sit down

A rather quirky game that as many guests can play, this can be quite a funny Indian wedding game. The game simply involves a host or an emcee to ask questions or statements to everybody and the ones agreeing to them have to stand up. Including funny and even embarrassing things would definitely take the fun a notch above.

13. Tic-Tac-Toe

Go the old school way and play that super fun game of tic-tac-toe. Ditch the paper this time and have either small boxes of the game on the tables or better yet have a giant one installed in the lawns and get set playing. You can also replace the naughts and crosses with the couple’s initials to add a personalized touch. Playing with huge blocks is going to get so engrossing!

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14. Hoo la hoop

Set up a colourful hula hoop corner that would keep the kids busy and would even have the guests enjoying when they’d get down to try it themselves. You can even plan a competition amongst them with a few surprises and gifts for the winners.

15. Couple Trivia

A unique take on the ‘who is most likely to’ game, curate a fun quiz about the couple that your guests can play. Have the questions and statements printed in beautiful designs and stack them up on a table for the guests to fill them up. This also makes up for a great way to include some personalized stationery in the wedding revelries.

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16. Tug-of-war

Yet another game that can be played amongst the bride squad and the groom squad, tug-of-war is one of the best Indian wedding games. As kids, you’ve always loved playing it and we’re sure you’re going to love playing that at weddings too! To add a bit more fun you can have punishments for the losing team or prizes & gifts for the winning team as well.

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17. Musical chairs

The ever-so-classic ‘every birthday party game’ can unquestionably and obviously make it into weddings too. This would make for one of the best Indian wedding game for the reception with the couple and guests participating alike. And don’t forget to keep gifts for the winners by the way!

18. Black Jack

This classic casino table game is surely gonna grab all eyeballs and have your guests indulging in it greatly. A fresh entrant into the wedding games list, this should definitely make it to your pool parties, cocktails or after parties. People who have a thing for casinos are literally going to thank you for incorporating it!

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19. Kite flying competition

Kite flying is fun and is enjoyed by the adults and kids alike. Play it in teams and race against each other trying to cut the other’s kites ‘cuz it’s always fun! And why wait for the Independence Day to feel that “aaaiii booo kaate” moment! Create your own at your wedding as you’re about to get Independence from singlehood. 😛 A game like this is best suited for those haldi and mehndi ceremonies.

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20. Volleyball

If your wedding venue offers you a large lawn space or a beach then how about organizing a volleyball match between the two sides? A volleyball match with funny punishments for the losing team and gifts for the winning team would definitely make up for one of the best Indian wedding games. You can also include pool volleyball for that matter.