Best Proposal Ideas For Your BAE

There is no phrase in the English language, which is more rehearsed than ‘Will you marry me?’

its a trend that’s fast catching on . In India though, the funda works a bit differently – A guy essentially buys two rings- the engagement ring which he slips on her finger on the day of the engagement event (if they are having one), and a smaller proposal ring (it could be a simple band of diamonds , or a swarovski ring) which he uses to go down on one knee with!

The Flash Mob Proposal in Chandigarh This guy arranged a surprise flash mob in the middle of Elante Mall in Chandigarh. He even got her sisters in the loop and as she looked on in amazement, he popped the question!

Melanie Kannokada’s Jigsaw Puzzle Proposal We were at the beach in Turqs and Caicos during sunset. I went searching for him and came across a sign on the boardwalk that said “Melanie.” Slightly confused, I kept walking and saw another sign that said “It began 8 years ago…” More meaningful signs followed, leading me to a private area of the beach. There I found a jigsaw puzzle, but no picture for it. He knew I was obsessed with puzzles, and I got right to work. When I completed the picture was revealed – the boy was holding a ring, proposing to the girl. It was at that moment that I knew it was happening. He then got on one knee and asked the big question. It was absolutely perfect!
  The “Im baaack” Proposal This video has the guy saying a fake  goodbye to his girlfriend and leaving for the airport . But later the same night, she comes for a party to his house not knowing that he would be there. His fanily stands holding candles on each side as he goes down on one knee to a very surprised girlfriend!!

The Punjabi Proposal Check out this proposal replete with Bhangra and Gidda dancers in the middle of Union Square! Are we hearing a collective “Aww” from the girls yet?