Arranged Marriages And Why They Matter!

One of the many changes that India is going through is the way people find love and get married. India, long considered the bastion of arranged marriages, is seeing a rapid adoption of online dating sites and dating apps.

The huge growth in smartphones and internet penetration, a young population, and increasing exposure to ‘western’ influences through travel and media are possibly contributing to the growth of dating in India.

However, the modern generation finds this concept bizarre and illogical. How can one spend their whole life with a complete stranger whom you have met just once or twice? It is a valid point which is also asserted as the major drawback of arranged marriage. In Indian arranged marriage the parents, elders or guardians of a girl or boy finds a perfect match after looking for certain factors like reputed family status, age, qualifications, looks, financial status etc.

The most convincing reason that proves arranged marriages is better than Love marriages would be Statistics! In most cases, couples who had an arranged marriage are more understanding towards each other.

  • In an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with each other.
  • In a love marriage, before the marriage, the couple shares a very different level of understanding. This understanding when tied to social obligations expected once married, are difficult to obey.
  • It is easy to adjust with the partner in an arranged marriage as compared to love marriage. This is because in a love marriage things may often be taken for granted.
  • Since the partners have never met before, in an arranged marriage, they care more about each others needs.
  • Arranged marriages help resolves domestic issues faster. There is a sense of fear of loosing the partner.
  • For some unforeseen reason, the marriage does not work; there are many people who will support more.
  • In most cases, love marriages force the couple to stay away from family. This leaves them with no choice but to tackle their own problems.