Do you think there are certain things only men are good at? Then take out some time to check the reality.

This is the 21st Century my dear where men and women are rubbing shoulders in all professions and giving each other a tough competition. Wedding photography is no exception in that regard. If men are carving out a distinctive name for themselves in the industry, women are stirring a storm too. Do not believe us? Check out yourself!


A pioneer and a trendsetter for over a decade in wedding photography, Ronicka Kandhari needs no introduction. Her work speaks on her behalf. She is an expert in luxury wedding photography and knows how to create a magic through her lens. She captures the true flavour of the Indian wedding and weaves a story that any couple would love to go through over and over again.


Radhika is another brilliant wedding photographer based in Mumbai with no relation to Ronicka (as their names sound similar 😉 ) She believes in capturing human emotions and loves and tries not to miss any moment of the celebration that can possibly add a twist to the album. In fact, her wedding photography is known for documenting the drama and portraying a strong connection between the bride and groom.


You just can’t go through her clicks without admiring them for once (at least once). Having an eye for minute details, she knows how to capture the right emotions at the right time. She believes there are certain moments in life that are priceless and as a photographer, it’s her duty to gift those moments to her clients in the form of beautiful photographs.


One thing you will surely notice in her photography is the usage of bright hues which perhaps brings out the true colour of celebration. Pooja Joseph, based in Bangalore but travels all around the country is young, dynamic, creative and easy to work with. She becomes a part of the celebration and captures every bit of it. She does not like to stick to one particular style but experiments with all right down from candid to portraiture during one event.


This immensely talented shutterbug duo Bhumi & Simran always try to reach a degree of subtle sophistication through their work. They strive to deliver something unique than the rest and carve out something special. Featuring candid and freestyle photography, they click when people barely notice and that’s how they try to capture the pulse of the celebration.


Another talented soul from Bangalore, Vaijayanti Varma knows it well how to combine the happiness and romance of the celebration in her pictures. Her expert eye misses nothing while she is at work. She prefers to understand the style and requirements of her clients and shoot accordingly. She is passionate, creative, and knows the business well.


Sophistication is the key feature of her photography. Without following any particular style, she captures each valuable moment of the celebration in her lens. For her, wedding is a plethora of dramas and emotions sewn together and gives umpteen opportunities to weave a story out of it. And that’s exactly what she tries to do in each of her work.


Every single detail in a wedding motivates Chandni to come up with more and more creative work. The shy look of the bride, the stressful yet happy faces of the family members, the swag of the groom on his arrival, she does not like to miss smallest of the small moments. While her photography style is candid, she likes to click the odd faces and the awkward smiles when people barely pay attention to.